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Strat Enright 1951

Rhodes PC Race 1948

Witch 2nd Place 1952

Fidelis Sold June 1948

Balboa Challenge 1951

Midship San Diego Race 1950

Hanahuli 1949

Ocean Race 1950

Luders 16 1949

Rhodes Anniversary 1965

BBC Racing History

Newspaper clippings & BBC rosters

Hanahuli #33

...gliding in toward the main dock at the Balboa Yacht Club in June of 1962

Therapy #34

Restoration progress & photos

1937 Rhodes 33 For Sale

80_127 Rhodes

CATALOG # 80.127 – DESIGN # 441 & 441-S/1
Ships Plans Library, Mystic Seaport, P.O. Box 6000, Mystic, CT  0635

Garboard Repair

Cure for strained and leaking garboards


Photos and story of "Madness" 1938

Rhodes 33 ad

"The Lady that Leads a Double Life," June, 1945

Rhodes Roster

Excel file of boat, condition, name, contact and more

Scan of Rhodes book featuring Dulcinea and Ah Wahine images

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Rhodes 33   50's Photo Opp'

A twilight race of Rhodes Class boats racing out the Newport Harbor jetty in the 1950's.

This was taken and developed by my father in the 1950's. He had his own lab in our home. It was probably taken with his Leica with black and white film. I had one of his original prints and scanned it with my own Epson flatbed scanner. Most of the photos on my photostream were taken by him during the same time period. I think his work was terrific and worth sharing.

~Byron Grams


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Ol' Number 34

Rhodes #34 was puchased originallly new by Ray Milland the movie actor sometime just afte WWII. I don't know when but it was in Newport Harbor YC roster in 1950 or 1951. There must have been some other owner between he and Strat Enright who named the boat "Witch". He sold it to Paull Loveridge  who sold it to Gale Post in about 1963. At one time during this period she may have been called "Aquarius Too" Gale renamed her “Therapy” & painted her in bright yellow.  

Gale performed quite extensive restoration after Pauls “experimental”modifications. For instance, the mast was off-center since he wanted it lto more vertical on port tack. This was the favored tack going up the beach off Newport after the start of the usual races.

During the 80s & 90s her history is unclear but she did find her way to San Diego, was raced hard & fell into dis-repair.

James Nichols owned her for a short time & in 2006 her current owner James Dreyer rescued her from the looming scrap heap.  She is undergoing an extensive restoration at Traditional Boat Works with work being compleded by Fernando Alva under the guidance of Doug Jones. James hopes to have her sailing in 2010.  She will be 63 years old.

She won the Rhodes class championships in 54, 57, 59, 78, 79. (Correct me if im wrong there Ralph!)

In 1938 South Coast introduced the Rhodes 33, one of several narrow racing boats with deep cockpits that Phil Rhodes had designed. Slightly larger and longer than the Pacific Class and with a square foot more sail area, the real difference over the highly successful PC was the interior fitout.  An “Airy Cabin as opposed to a Dungeon” is a description in a recent book about the PC’s designer, Paul Kettenburg.   Features included a drop in outboard well, a two burner stove and head.  Twenty 33’s were sold before the war and 22 more were launched after. The Rhodes & PC’s faced off in numerous organised challenges over the years with the heavier built Rhodes achieving success in stronger conditions.

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Ray Milland Rhodes 33

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